Sarah-Jane and Christopher


To celebrate the launch of our brand new flagship store, we’re taking a look back at our beautiful Bijoux Brides who bought their gown from our Cadzow Street store over the years.

Sarah-Jane and Christopher share their love story with us below…

BB: Tell us about the engagement Sarah-Jane! How did it happen?

SJ: It was New Year’s Eve 2015 and the clock had just struck midnight to welcome in 2016. My Mum and Dad had invited Chris’ family (his parents, brother and sister-in-law) up to visit from the Midlands. We had also travelled up from London to spend the festive period with our family and friends.

Chris asked if he could have a word. He took my hand and we went into the sitting room and stood in front of the Christmas tree (I honestly did not expect him to propose at this point). He said to me “Sarah-Jane, I know we have joked that 2015 has been the worst year ever so I wanted to make sure 2016 started with a bang.”

It was an outer body experience, it was like I was watching this happen to someone else. My eyes saw Chris reach for something in his pocket and then bend down on one knee. At first I thought he was joking but of course, I said yes and he slipped the ring onto my finger.

As soon as he has proposed, my mum walked in and froze in the doorway for a moment. I held out my hand and she stared for a moment and then screamed. She launched forward hugging us both and congratulating us. Hearing my Mum’s scream, my Dad ran in to see what was happening and after that it was just a wave of family and friends hugging us, crying and laughing.

We had fireworks, we had snow, we had friends and family and we also had one hell of a wedding to plan.

BB: So when it came to picking your dream dress, what was your experience and how did you decide on “the one”?

SJ: Living in London while planning a wedding in Scotland was an interesting experience. There were many benefits but one of the cons was being so far away from my Mum who is still in Scotland.

I decided to treat us both and booked us VIP tickets for The Scottish Wedding Show in November 2016. We also had loads of dress appointments booked for the Christmas period of that year.

When we went to The Wedding Show and had a few glasses of Champagne and we decided that we couldn’t wait any longer to try on dresses. We called around some wedding stores to see if we could get a last-minute appointment for the next day (Sunday) but almost all stores were closed. We finally called a nice store in Hamilton called Bijoux Bridal who could offer a VIP appointment for us. Cakes, prosecco and the shop to ourselves? It sounded too good to be true so we booked in and with that, the wedding excited had officially started!

My Mum, my bridesmaid Hannah and I attended the appointment together. We began browsing the gowns and we were asked to hang a little peg onto the gowns I would like to try on. I wasn’t pressured into trying any particular style but I was encouraged to try a variety of styles to see what I like.

When it came to trying on the gowns, my bridal stylist Sharon got me into a lovely routine for getting into the gowns and she did nothing but make me feel relaxed and beautiful. She complimented my figure, my hair and made me feel truly special through the whole process.

The dress I ended up buying was the second dress that I tried on. It’s true when people say you’ll know your dress once you try it on. I stepped into it and I knew.

BB: So you had the perfect engagement, you’ve found your dream dress… but what about your wedding?!

SJ: The big day arrived on the 1st of December 2017. All the planning came together. The venue was ready, the guests arrived and the piper started to play. The weather was beautiful, clear and crisp. It was such a wonderful day to share with family, friends and of course – my husband.

We are still on giddy and on a high from the day. We can’t believe that we are lucky enough to have enjoyed such a special day. Our wedding was like something from a fairy-tale. I am now lucky enough to be married to the love of my life.

BB: If you could say something about your experience at Bijoux Bridal, what would it be?

I am so thankful to Bijoux for being a magical part of our wedding story, for supporting me every step of the way. Making me feel special and beautiful.

Our day was amazing and it was amplified by how good I felt about myself. The dress was truly made for me.

Wedding Venue: Auchen Castle, Moffat
Photography by: Gretna Green Photographers / Alister Lynn Photography
Flowers by: Bell’s Florist
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