Emily and Jon


Our gorgeous #BijouxBrides share their Bijoux Love Story with us every month. Check out our latest love story below from Emily and Jon…

Bijoux Bridal: Where did you and Jon meet?

Emily: My husband and I met at school, I was 12 and he was 14. Fast forward 6 years later to 2009 and I am now 18 and he’s 20. Facebook had just became a thing and he added me. We started speaking, everyday. Before we knew it we were falling for each other and spent our weekends at the cinema and walking round the city.

BB: Tell us about the engagement Emily! How did it happen?

E: In December 2015 we went to New York for our Christmas trip of a lifetime. I had always always wanted to go to New York in December at Christmas time (Im the girl who puts her tree up in November). I specifically wanted to see the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. We were due to go to the park on the Sunday, we arrived on the Thursday, by the Saturday morning I had decided I must go and see the fountain today but Jon said “nah, stick to the plan go tomorrow” but he gave in and we decided to go.

He was quiet that morning but I put it down to jet lag. We eventually got to the fountain and I was mesmerised, couldn’t believe I was here in Central Park in December. At the time, Jon had been saying my name three times before I finally looked at him, there was he was standing with a ring box in his hand. I swear it felt like I floated out my body. He proposed to me there and then on Saturday 5 December 2015. I couldn’t tell you exactly what he said all I remember is him on one knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I immediately said yes and then cried. We then chose to sit in the park and take in what just happened. We also decided to wait til we were home to announce. It meant we could just be in the moment and in a bubble in New York.

BB: So when it came to picking your dream dress, what was your experience and how did you decide on “the one”?

E: I am the cliche girl who has always wanted to be a bride. When it came to finding my dress, I knew roughly what I wanted. I knew I wanted tulle with lace, some form of strap and a long train (but not too long) that I would have to bustle it up and a cathedral veil.

My second time dress shopping wasn’t great – the sales assistant basically told me what she thought I should be wearing and would only let me try and her picks. Safe to say I was a bit scunnered at what should be the most exciting time. I decided that the next time I went dress shopping I was going to take a bridesmaid and make it way more casual – its nice to go with the whole crew but I almost felt like I wanted to go on my own to allow me to see myself through my own eyes and no one else.
So one Sunday afternoon myself and one bridesmaid decided to book into Bijoux to just go and try some dresses on. Louise was my stylist. She was so welcoming and warm and made me feel relaxed. She let me browse the dresses on my own and told me to pick five, I went through them all and to be honest was feeling very unenthusiastic that day so I chose four. One caught my eye, not in a a wow moment, more in a “I may as well try it on” way.

I tried on the first four as well as a couple Louise had picked. We talked about what we did and didn’t like. What I loved about Louise was that it was like she was my friend also. It was so relaxed and easy going we were actually having fun.
I tried on the final of my picks and I started to get that feeling. I knew in my heart it was the one. I loved the way I felt and the way it looked. But my mum and sister weren’t there. Louise let me make another appointment to come back with then and she suggested we do a reveal. We went back a week later and seeing the dress made me excited. I knew it was the one. Its hard to pick a dress when there are so many beautiful dresses but this one ticked all the boxes. I felt like me in it. I did make some minor changes, I changed the layer of tulle, I added straps and took away the belt. I also chose my cathedral length, 2 tier, non trim veil with small crystals. It was perfect for me.

BB: So you had the perfect engagement, you’ve found your dream dress but what about your big day? Tell us about it!

E: We got married at The Waterside Hotel on Sunday 3 June, we had our whole day there and stayed the night before. We got married by celebrant David Bridal and had a small wedding with 55 guests during the day and only an extra half a dozen at night.

After the ceremony one of the most important parts to us was our music. We chose to have an all day music package to allow there to be music through out the full day. Jon walked down the aisle to Jurassic park theme tune, where as I chose Pachelbels Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel – Barrymoor Chambee Orchestra.

I had three bridesmaids who included my sister, my best friend and my sister in law. My niece (my sister in-law’s daughter) was our flower girl and the star of the show (she’s 2!). Jon and I both lost our Dads when we were young, we had a photo and each of them with a candle at our registry table which we lit during the ceremony to remember them and I, of course, had a bouquet charm with of my Dad. My dads brother gave me away. It was probably the most emotional moment of my life.
Our flowers were also very important to me. White peonies, white, pink and mauve roses and a mix of beautiful flowers and greenery with long ribbon and they were perfect. I also chose to have quite a large bouquet. I didn’t want it to get lost in my dress.

For my cake we had a one tier. For at least five years, I’ve always wanted a one tier ruffle cake which is lemon flavour with a simple cake topper. Our table plan was film names. Jon and I both love films and are regulars at the cinema. Our top table was Father of the Bride, my all time favourite. If I could have Annie Banks MacKenzie’s wedding I would. We also had Jurassic Park and Toy Story, 2 of Jon’s favourites. One fine day, the Bethesda foundation is heavily featured in this film, Mary Poppins, you’ve got mail and of course a Christmas film – its a wonderful life.

I don’t think I could pick one most memorable moment, getting ready in the morning with my favourite women was something I’ll never forget. I am so lucky to have them. Hearing Jon do his vows is something I’ll never forget – we have been together for 9 years and even though we have always been together, we have faced tough paths. It hasn’t always been easy. Standing there listening to him read his vows after 9 years together was a very special ‘ we’ve made it’ moment. My sister also did my ‘father of the bride’s speech and I know it wasn’t easy for her but it meant to the world to me.
Our first dance was to a single by Joshua Radin called “You Got What I Need”. Jon and I have seen Joshua about 7 times over our relationship and I first heard this song about 5/6 years ago I remember so clearly listening to it and knowing it would be our first dance song.

Everyone says you get the wedding blues after and you want to do it all over again (don’t get my wrong I was definitely emotional for a few days after) but I don’t want to do it over, it was the most perfect day and I wouldn’t change a thing.
(p.s. We also danced to Fairytale in New York because why wouldn’t you have a Christmas song on in June?)

BB: If you could recommend Bijoux to another bride, what would you say?

E: I have already recommend Bijoux to other brides. I not only chose my dress and had my alterations at Bijoux but I had alterations done there for my 3 bridesmaid dresses, my mum and my nana! Considering none of those dresses were bought there but bijoux were so welcoming and allowing us all to have our alterations there made it all the more special.
Every time I went into Bijoux, every single member of staff was so kind and friendly, they would welcome you as if they already knew you. Not a single time I went in did I feel uncomfortable or not a priority. The girls at Bijoux see brides every day but they manage to make each one feel special. Plus their new store in Hamilton is so beautiful its a joy to be in the store.

Wedding Venue: The Waterside, Ayrshire
Photographer: Ross Alexander Photography
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