Andrea and Kevin


To celebrate the launch of our brand new flagship store, we’re taking a look back at our beautiful Bijoux Brides who bought their gown from our Cadzow Street store over the years.

Andrea and Kevin share their love story with us below…

Bijoux Bridal: Where did you and Kevin meet?

Andrea: Kevin and I met in 2002 when I was 17 and he was 19, in his home village of Greengairs. I liked him straight away but it wasn’t for another couple of weeks until I bumped into him at a nightclub in Coatbridge that we exchanged numbers. Then as they say “the rest is history”!

BB: Tell us about the engagement, Andrea! How did it happen?

A: Our first child Kahlen was born in 2007 and we moved in together. I had to wait for another 4 years before we even spoke about getting married. The proposal was nothing romantic, we just thought it was the right time to do it.

We initially put a deposit on a venue to get married shortly after we got engaged but backed out after a month or two. It wasn’t until January 2016 and another 2 kids later that we finally decided that we would take the plunge.

BB: So when it came to picking your dream dress, what was your experience and how did you decide on “the one”?

A: When I first came to Bijoux I thought it would be easy as I had seen a dress online I liked. Sadly, it wasn’t nice on me at all and I was quite disappointed.

Despite this, another dress had caught my eye when I was waiting so I decided to try it on last. When the dress was getting pinned I knew straight away that it was the one. It was everything that I wanted although I never thought I would ever pick a ball gown. I felt amazing in my dress and absolutely loved it.

BB: So you had the perfect engagement, you’ve found your dream dress… but what about your wedding?!

A: Our wedding was held at the Tudor Hotel in Airdrie on 16th September 2017. The ceremony was attended by 25 close family and friends, we then had a big party at night. It was an amazing day from start to finish and I would do it all again in a minute.

Wedding Venue: Tudor Hotel, Airdrie
Photography by: Maureen Bell
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