Rachel and Paul


In case you missed our blog last week (don’t worry you can read it here 👉 8 Weeks Until I Get Married), we’re keeping you lovely brides updated on our very own Lesley’s (featured on her hen down there 👇) wedding journey. No pressure Lesley, just a weekly reminder of how much time is left…!

Lesley is here to keep our brides in check who are on the same journey or about to embark on it. We’re hoping her wedding planning guide will give everyone a heads up on on what to expect as the days draw in to your big day. What’s more… if you’re on the same boat, this is the PERFECT opportunity for you to share your experiences with us too. So, Lesley… what should we expect with 7 weeks left to go?

Things are just as busy as they were last week when it comes to wedding planning. There’s still so much to get organised and to tie up as our date gets closer. The main thing that we had to make sure we did this week was to get ourselves registered with the local council to get married. My fiance and I (below) are getting married at The Parsonage in Falkirk so that’s where we went to get our marriage registered (it has to be within the area you’re getting married, not where you’re from!). Unfortunately, the process wasn’t as exciting as it might sound – you basically fill out a form and prove your ID and you’re told to come back a week before the wedding to pick up the marriage schedule. That being said, everything is a little more official now so that’s exciting!

Now that the serious part was out of the way, I had lots of lovely small parts of my wedding to finalise. This included picking out my flowers. When it comes to being green-fingered, I’m no expert so I was glad to be working with the amazing Thistle Flowers by Yvonne MacDonald who has expertly picked out the best flowers for my bridal party based on my colour scheme and the style of my dress. I know I can rely on Yvonne to bring this all together and make sure that my bridesmaids and flower girls all tie together with me perfectly.

This week, I also wanted to finalise were my hair accessories and jewellery. When I had my styling appointment last week, I was able to figure out how I wanted to style my dress with accessories and hair pieces but some of it was bespoke to me so I worked with Bijoux to bring this all together.

Speaking of fittings, we also started thinking about my mum’s outfit for the wedding. The Mother of the Bride outfit is equally as important as the rest of the bridal party so we really wanted to make sure she was organised for that. While my mum wasn’t able to get her outfit at Bijoux, we decided it’s best to get all of our alterations done with the seamstress which Bijoux is more than happy to accommodate normally. This helps us keep everything together in one place and we really don’t need to worry about going to different seamstresses in different places as the day comes closer.

Other things we had to organise this week include getting our bridesmaids, flowergirls and groomsmen gifts. We really want to be able to show our appreciation of everything they’ve done for us in the lead up to the wedding by giving them a little token gesture. That also reminded us to get our favours organised for the rest of the guests at the wedding. We’ve been thinking about what we wanted for a while now but it’s time to get this ordered as well and it’s one less thing we need to think about in the coming weeks.

My favourite part of the week though obviously had to be cake tasting. Not ideal when you’re going to be getting into a wedding dress in a few weeks time but it’s an essential part of the wedding, right?! We have a close relationship with the lovely Samantha at Sprinkles on Top at Bijoux so I naturally went to this AMAZING baker for my wedding cake. We got to taste about 10 different flavours for our cake so I’ve narrowed it down to 5 flavours that we’re going to incorporate into our amazing cake. I won’t say any more than that right now though…