6 Weeks Until I Get Married


We’re following our lovely Lesley on her wedding planning journey as she gets closer to the big day. We’re now on the six week mark (eek!) and it’s full steam ahead with the planning. Lesley tells all below…

This week hasn’t been quite as full on as the other weeks (maybe because we’ve put our house on the market – slightly distracted!). It’s felt a lot like we’re tying things up this week and starting to tick a lot of to-dos off our list.

We can now say that we have all our RSVP’s back (woo!) so that’s meant that I’ve been able to finalise my seating plan. To be honest though, seating plans are quite challenging. You need to consider things like if you don’t have an even number of guests then it’s going to throw your tables off. We’ve also decided to try and group together people that know each other – I know it’s quite common to mix things up a little but we felt more comfortable doing it this way so that’s also a challenge.
It seems like the focus has been on our guests this week. We really want our guests to have the best time and to make things as easy as possible for them as well. We booked travel for some of our guests who have decided to come home after the wedding. It’s good to know that this is all organised and we can start letting guests know about pick up points and timings for the buses and we won’t need to worry about that on the day. Our favours also arrived for our guests too!

I was having a bit of a nightmare with my first hair trial. My hair was lovely but I just wasn’t sure an up do was entirely my style. I think it’s better to go with a style that you would opt for if you were going out and to me that’s having my hair down. I decided I would have a second hair trial with my lovely hairdresser and I feel much better about things. So that’s a little worry I can get off my shoulders.

When it comes to the venue this week, we’re planning on going down to The Parsonage at the end of the week to meet with our wedding planner. We can share our seating plan with them. We will also be able to finalise things while we’re there like our final numbers and the menu we want to go for. We also want to talk about ceremony timings as well so we can see what the flow for the day will be like. And talking of ceremonies… our aisle runner needs to get ordered! Our decor company The Kilted DJ has found an amazing company who personalise your aisle runner with your initials so we want to get that booked in ASAP so it’s ready in time.

After we’ve been to the venue on Sunday, we’re meeting with our Humanist Stephen McKerr to talk through what we want to discuss at the ceremony. He will go away and work out the exact details of this once we’ve spoken to him. We absolutely love Stephen, he is full of energy and so funny and we really want to be able to bring those aspects to our ceremony. He is the perfect person for it.

Stephen has been keeping himself busy too, organising his groomsmen gifts. We finally managed to get some lovely, personalised gifts organised for the guys. I won’t spill too much on the details but we got some amazing inspiration looking at sites like Etsy and Notonthehightstreet.com.

Outwith our guests and the venue, we’ve been chatting to our quartet group to organise what music we would like for them to play. We’re using a group called Capella – we would totally recommend these guys. They sound amazing and are also VOW Awards winners several times over. They tend to have their own set list which is good if you’re unsure what would sound good but we have requested a couple of our own songs as well.

Next thing to start thinking about will be our honeymoon – I need to start organising my wardrobe for that first of all (priorities!) and since we will be going to Las Vegas in America for our honeymoon we need to organise things our ESTA which is your Visa to get into the country (this is essential). As well as the honeymoon, I really want to round up my three bridesmaids for alterations. A bit of a challenge in itself getting everyone together but I will keep that chat for next week’s blog…